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Brothels / Short-Time Houses

Chiang Mai

For the adventurous, here are a few short time houses (i.e., brothels). And while they're not massage establishments per se, they are yet another aspect of Thailand's sensual banquet.

Brothels operate mostly during daytime to early evening, from about 10:00 - 20:00

Brothel Houses location map - Chiang Mai

Soi 13, off Nimmanhaemin Road, has three houses of ill-repute in a sub-soi that apparently provide a modest-cost service to the working men of Chiang Mai.

Soi 13 is opposite the tall white building, shown below, on Nimmanhaemin Road with the 7-11 store on the ground floor.

If you are coming from Huay Kaew Road, turn left into Soi 13. Walk down 1 block (250 metres) and then turn right.

Directions (from other sources) suggest that the first, third and fourth houses on the left are the ones with the action, and that there are only four houses on this side of the block.

This is the first house (not counting the corner one)

Update: The first house left of the karaoke cannot be entered through the sliding doors you see on the picture above, or you'll end up in someone's living room (as I did) and feel embarrassed. You have to take the little doorway and hall way left of that. It leads to behind the house you see on the pic.

Note, These Details Are Not Personally Verified:
The entrance to the first house just off Soi 13. Go in through the glass door and you will see another door which leads to where the girls are. Just wander in as if you were a regular customer... third house has a sign in Thai (karaoke?

Best time to go is in the morning, between 10 am - 12 am. The girls are clean, fresh and young (though all are over 18). These places are for locals, non-Asians are rarely seen.


  1. The house at the corner has two prices - 300 or 400 baht - there is a good selection of girls.
  2. The house / karaoke? charges 440 baht - quality of girls varies

If you don't have a condom, there is an extra change to supply one. Beers, large, 70 baht

The 2nd house with the red gate does not look like a whorehouse to me... but the pink karaoke palace reeks of pu-ying! (pu-ying = "young women")

You can also walk down Soi 15, and turn left onto the sub-soi at the end - the houses are between Soi 15 and Soi 13

This pic is from the corner of Soi 15, looking towards Soi 13... the pink & cream palace is the karaoke joint...

Field Report: There are two "houses" on the east side of the sub-soi. I only visited the southern-most "house". It has a sign that says that it is a karaoke, there is a bar, and a K-TV, and a few passable working girls.

Most of the girls seemed to be early twenties. I took one, Naam, after chatting with a few of them. Total cost was 575 baht, which included the large Beer Singha I drank while chatting. There was one real stunner there, but she seems only to be a singer, she avoided everyone.

I wouldn't call the place lively, but there were several people there and the girls were friendly enough. It also seems to be quite busy, lots of "service" going on.

The vacant house between the two "houses" is, I think, the place they use for the short times. When we left the karaoke, we went out the back, through some patios/washing areas, to the north and then back into a hallway with rooms down both sides. I'm pretty sure it was the middle house. I would bet that both houses use this area for short times.

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