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Bangkok Go-Go Bars


Links and information about Bangkok go-go bars.

Soi Cowboy

Short Time Bars

These locations are reputed to have a “short time” room.

bulletMidnite Bar  www.midnite.biz/
bulletBaccara www.baccarabar.com/
bulletMoonshine Joint
bulletJungle Jim's
bulletCowboy 2
bulletDolls House www.dollhouse-agogo.com
bulletLolita's [BJ] 
bulletCocktail Lounge (previously known as Shadow Bar)
bulletShark Go-Go www.sharkbangkok.com  - private VIP room

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1.2      Nana



bulletKangaroo [BJ]

bulletStar of Light [BJ]

bulletRose Bar [BJ]

bulletSuper Pussy

bulletPinnochios [LB]




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